• To explore the canon of children’s classical literature and take it from the page to the stage.
  • To provide a safe, professional theatre environment so that young people interested/studying theatre can  experience the challenges of performing/producing according to theatre math (One minute of performance = One hour of rehearsal)
  • To ensure that each and every person who contributes their time and talent to the production have the opportunity to sell tickets to the performances, with the goal of garnering 50% of the revenue of each and every ticket that she/he sells.
  • To encourage family members to participate in this process. Families that do plays together, stays together!
  • To connect with local schools through faculty members, depending on their great wealth of talent and training and emotional investment in their students.
  • To connect with small independent charities whose focus is helping children, thereby perpetuating the belief that the best thing in the world that we have is each other.