Friends of FridKIDS


Theatre provides the currency of Joy for FridKIDS. Thank you for supporting us and coming to see our current production!

Thus far, each and every person associated with FridKIDS has donated their time and talents because it is our belief that by creating and collaborating on a stage production together, we enrich the lives of our children beyond measure and teach them what we know to be true: Namely, that the best thing we have in life is each other.

Touched by your generosity, we are further emboldened to ask you to go to the website which helps the children of a remote farming community in Nepal.  Children helping children. That’s the way to invest in our collective future, isn’t it?

So here’s the hot investment tip of the day:  Donate to BORN TO LIVE . You’ll be glad you did!

We’ll thank you in person when you come to see one of our productions and bring 100 of your closest friends!

In the meanwhile, thank you for being a FOF (a Friend of FridKIDS)!